Gear Up for Unforgettable Adventures with Alexander Gertsch Wengen School

Great adventures start with selecting the right equipment, and at Alexander Gertsch Wengen Ski & Snowboard School, we’re here to guide you through the essentials for an exhilarating time on the slopes.

Choosing the Right Equipment:

In the Jungfrau Region, where every slope tells a unique story, selecting the right skis or snowboard is key.

Our region offers a network of rental places, each stocked with a wide variety of equipment designed for specific terrains or styles. Speak to the knowledgeable staff at your chosen rental store to ensure you pick the right products tailored to your adventure.

Safety First: Helmets and Back Protection:

For your safety, we strongly recommend wearing helmets and back protection during your skiing or snowboarding experience.

These essential pieces of gear provide an extra layer of security, allowing you to enjoy your adventure with peace of mind.

Essential Gear Checklist:

  • Skipass/Ticket
  • Skis with poles or Snowboard
  • Ski or Snowboard boots
  • Winter Jacket/Pants
  • Hat
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Back Protection

Your Responsibility: Provisions and Insurance:

While we guide you through the equipment selection process, please note that provisions and insurance remain the responsibility of the course participant.

Ensure you’re adequately prepared for your adventure with the right provisions and coverage.

Gear Up and Hit the Slopes:

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure on the snow with Alexander Gertsch Wengen Ski & Snowboard School.

Gear up with the right equipment, follow our checklist, and embark on a journey of thrilling descents and snowy landscapes. Book your course today for an experience that blends safety, style, and the sheer joy of winter sports.

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