Are you ready to take your skiing or snowboarding to new heights?

At Alexander Gertsch Wengen Ski & Snowboard School, we offer thrilling freestyle lessons designed to help you master jumps, spins, flips, and grabs, allowing you to discover and refine your unique style on the slopes.

Explore the Jungfrau Region’s Premier Parks:

In collaboration with the breathtaking landscapes of the Jungfrau region, our freestyle lessons take place in two exceptional parks – Grindelwald and Mürren.

Grindelwald Park:

  • Beginner, Advanced, and Professional Zones: Grindelwald boasts a world-class freestyle park with dedicated areas for every skill level.
  • Half Pipe and Rails: Our professional park features a half pipe and rails, making it the largest and best-equipped freestyle park in the region.

Mürren Park:

  • Quick Access, Rail Features: Mürren offers a convenient location with beginner and advanced parks that include exciting rail features.
  • Efficiency with Style: While it may be quicker to access, Mürren’s parks still provide an exhilarating experience, although not as extensive as Grindelwald.

Why Choose Our Freestyle Lessons?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from our skilled instructors with a wealth of experience in freestyle skiing and snowboarding.
  • Tailored Learning: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our lessons are customized to your proficiency level.
  • Unleash Your Style: With us, you’ll not only learn the technicalities but also discover and embrace your own unique freestyle style.

Ready to defy gravity and express yourself on the slopes?

Book your freestyle lesson with Alexander Gertsch Wengen Ski & Snowboard School, and unlock a world of thrilling possibilities. You won’t regret the exhilarating journey towards mastering freestyle skiing and snowboarding!

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